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Is a singer, arranger and choir leader who started Portishead Community Choir (Portishead Sound) in 2005. Since then she has added other regular groups: Pill Community Choir, Portishead in Harmony and Clevedon A Cappella and, in 2017, Vibe Pop/Rock choir with good friend, lovely singer and teacher, Catherine Smith. Wendy also runs frequent day/weekend singing workshops both locally and across the country.
I teach songs aurally and use a light touch and plenty of support and humour so that people find themselves singing four-part harmony without really trying.  I love teaching this kind of singing because it opens a world of music and group singing to people who've never done it before and most people love it. It is also good for singers who normally use sheet music because it helps improve aural skills.  I use Estill theory to help people make the best of their voices and maintain vocal health.

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The Big Sing 2011 - Official Video
Sing for Water Wests - The Big Sing 2011 at Bristol Amphitheatre Raised over £50,000 for WaterAid
1,000 voices at Sing for Water West in 2011 (organised by Chris Samuel and Ali Orbaum) singing my arrangement of Moon River - starts about 1 minute in.  Followed by Ali's brilliant version of "Sit Down" by James.

Click the link below to see the team teaching at Portishead Sing for Water May 2016.

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